Our Mission

We believe that learning English is the gateway to success for all young learners, and it is our mission to teach them English correctly from the start to give them the best opportunities possible.

Our Vision

By utilizing the most talented teachers from Canada and United States, and using a placement test that assesses exactly where your child need to be, they learn faster and have higher engagement.

Our Success Story

CleverKid is an educational technology company with an advanced English language learning platform where our educators, who are passionate about teaching children, are available to give young learners the skills and knowledge they need to be confident with their English, in engaging one-to-one classes.

Engaging, exciting, and fun game-based lessons are incorporated into our language learning curriculum giving our students a passion for the English language. With a personalized approach to each and every student using an adaptive assessment test, we can be sure of exactly what your child has already mastered, and what need work. This is key to their development in building a solid foundation in English.

CleverKid was founded in 2021, but we already have a wide range of young users who vary from homeschoolers, ESL students, and learners who want to supplement their English education with exciting and fun classes.

Our curriculum offers hundreds of hours of highly engaging gamified lessons that are pedagogically designed to teach young learners correct pronunciation from the start, preventing the need for accent reduction or correction in the future, and preventing communication struggles.  

We offer a free trial to those wanting to try our technology and friendly teachers, for that chance to enhance their child's life through opportunities with the English language.


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